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Taking Care of your Underwater Snorkel

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Posted on: July 31, 2017

Part of the fun of swimming in a body of water is being able to check out what is going on under the waves. In order to do this, you really need an underwater snorkel. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you have fun with your underwater snorkel.

It is important to keep your snorkel clean. By making sure that you wipe it down and make sure there is nothing to clog the snorkel, you will extend the life of the unit and ensure that you will be able to use your underwater snorkel for many seasons. There is not anything special you need to clean your underwater snorkel; plain old soap and tap water will do the trick.

Before leaving the beach or lake, take a moment to rinse the unit off with clean water. That will make your snorkel easier to clean with the soap and water later. If you are on vacation, you may want to leave the unit in sunshine, so that it can air dry.

Storing your norkel properly is also important. Rather than tossing it into a box and sticking it in the garage, make sure that you clean and dry the unit thoroughly before storage, and then place it in an airtight container. There are a number of plastic bags with a zip liner these days that would be ideal for storing your underwater snorkel. Make sure you store it in an area where the temperature will be consistent also, such as the top shelf of a closet.

Having an underwater snorkel can be great fun. Taking care of your snorkel is not very difficult, nor will you find the unit is hard to store between uses. With a little care you will be able to enjoy your snorkel for many years to come.

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