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Surfing Gears And Equipments – What You Need To Surf In Your Full Potential

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Posted on: July 29, 2017

Surfing is one of the few surface water sports that require you to have the right equipment and surfing gears if you want to perform well. Buying beach shorts and any surfboard that looks cool is not the right way to start your surfing career. Learning to surf is just half the battle, bringing with you the right equipment makes for a successful and enjoyable surfing experience.

1. Boards

Keep in mind that surf boards come in different shapes, sizes, and of course, additional specifications that improve your surfing experience. There are heavy boards and lightweight boards; some have no fins while others have two or more. There are also boards with a leash you can tie to your ankle so you won’t have to worry about parting with it when you get wiped out by a huge wave.
Selection of a board for surfing should be decided on your personal preference and not just for looks alone. Beginners might want to start with lightweight boards to give you better control and maneuverability. Some boards are made for speed while others are designed for competitions and overall performance. If you’re new at this then you might want to ask an expert help you pick the right one.

2. Wet Suit

If you’re planning to surf in a warm tropical climate then beach shorts or swimsuits should be your preferred choice. However, if the weather going to be cold in your surfspot and waters are freezing then it is best to keep your warmth by wearing a wet suit. Like surfboards, wet suits vary in design as well. Some cover your entire body except for the head while others look like a combination of tight-fitting shorts and sleeveless shirts. Pick one that is most comfortable and offering maximum protection from the cold if you’re attempting to surf when the weather turns foul.

3. Safety Gears

A novice surfer should never attempt the waves if you donĂ­t have your safety surfing gears with you. If you’re going to be surfing on the ocean or where tides can bring you out to sea in a matter of minutes then you need to bring a floatation device or wear a floatation vest to keep your head out of the water in case you are wiped out from your board. Some expert s advice you to bring a GPS device so you can keep track of your location just in case you stray too far from the beach. Other safety gears include a pair of goggles and a first-aid kit.

4. Surfboard Maintenance

A responsible surfer never leaves their boards unattended both before and after use. It is necessary to have your board repair or cleaning kit with you when you’re going out to surf. Cleaning kit includes a wax and a cloth to keep your boards clean and waterproof so they’ll last longer and improve your performance on it.

There might be more surfing gears out there that is not among the list above. Ask an expert to give you a few tips on how to select the right equipment to improve your surfing experience, keep you safe from harm, and of course, avoid spending too much than what your budget can handle.

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