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Sharkbanz Technology in Action

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Posted on: July 31, 2017
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Align:start hi I’m Nathan garrison co-founder of shark bands and today we’re here in beautiful Bimini Bahamas to continue our technology and action series so that we can demonstrate to our customers just how well this product works it’s really important for us at sharp ants to continue to test the technology not only on new species but in different scenarios as well so we’ve been listed to help of our friend Bernie to help us out with a little paddleboard test hi I’m dr. Patrick rice senior marine biologist – shark defense technologies so shark bands utilizes very strong permanent magnets to repel sharks these really strong permanent magnets actually override the Sharks electrical sense and that repels them so the shark fans guys contacted me and said they’ve been getting a lot of questions from surfers all around the world about the effectiveness of shark bands especially to protect them when their legs are dangling off the surfboard so that’s why we’re here today to simulate that scenario and see the effectiveness of sharpened we went out today to test the technology on a dummy Bernie basically replaced Bernie on a paddle board with his leg hanging over with multiple shark bands tied to his leg and the concept was to see if we could get the Sharks attracted to the board and monitor their reactions to the shark bands we Chum the water to bring the Sharks to the surface and when we did the Sharks had some very violent reactions to multiple shark bands on Bernie’s leg so based on the success of the first test that we did we decided to see what level the shark bands were really effective and so we’ve removed all the shark bands except one and then we even put bait inside the leg of Boerne and put it back out to see what happened and we have some really violent reactions as well look at him look at him going through it they’ll like that at all I give the 15 here they come Oh so following that test it’s always really critical as a scientist to have a control so we decided to see with all the shark bands removed and bait in the foot with the sharks take a bite so during that experiment the reactions were obviously different the Sharks were really attracted to Bernie’s leg and they tore to shreds as you can see in the test today sharpens have proven to deter sharks from the type of hit-and-run attacks that are most common with swimmers and surfers more test videos are on the way so keep up with us through our YouTube channel and Facebook page and if you’d like to purchase the product you can do so here at shark man’s calm and we look forward to adding some peace of mind to all your ocean adventures

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