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8′ Soft-Top Surfboard – The Verve – High Perf…


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  • WHY THE 8′ VERVE? – At 96″ long x 23″ wide x 3″ thick, we designed and tested this shape until we had the perfect 8′ catch-every-single-wave foam surfboard we could make. We focus on pure performance in the 8′ Verve Soft-Top Surfboard with our unique shape and added multiple features to make it incredibly durable compared to your standard soft-top surfboard. A perfect board for starting out, and surfs like a wavestorm on steroids for those of us with a bit more experience in the water.
  • SURFBOARD PURCHASE INCLUDES – The purchase of one 8′ Verve Soft-Top Surfboard will include the Surfboard, the 8′ Rishu Surfboard Leash, and a complete Soft-Top Surfboard Screw-In Fin Set (3 Thruster Plastic Screw In Fins, 5 Fins Screws, and 1 Leash Plug Screw). The fins are easily attached with a coin and the leash comes with a leash string to attach your leash to the leash plug on your surfboard.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE FEATURES – The 8′ Verve Soft-Top Surfboard features an 8′ long, 23″ wide surfboard with a rounded rubber tail (for extra stability through turns and safe vertical storage), Croc-Skin Textured IXPE Foam Deck (No Wax needed), Hand Tapered Rails, Beginner Friendly Nose Rocker to help prevent nose diving, Slight Tail Rocker for added release in your turns, AND our Bottom Deck features a Slick HDPE surface with a full Double Concave shaved from the nose to the tail.
  • DURABILITY – Our 8′ Verve Soft-Top Surfboard is made through a Mold and Vacuum Sealed strengthening process, NOT cheap heat laminated. The 8′ Verve has a Double Concave Bottom Deck which has a Cross-Hatch Impact Threading – helps absorb direct impacts and disperse them evenly. The EPS Foam Closed Cell Core Will NOT take on water & has 3 Stringers (2 Full Length Hand Resined Wooden Stringers + 1 2/3 Length Fiberglass Center Rod ). PVC Lined Fin Holes. IXPE Compressed Croc Skin Textured Foam Deck.
  • WHO IS THIS SURFBOARD BEST FOR? – The 8′ Verve Soft-Top Surfboard is the perfect surfboard for all levels. Can surf riders up to 230lbs, great for kids to learn with. The 8′ Verve is your go-to surfboard because it’s incredibly easy to paddle, falls into waves perfectly, and has enough speed and performance experienced surfers to rip with. It has become the “I just need to catch some waves” board. The 8′ Verve would be a major bonus for anyone’s surf quiver, whether a beginner or a ripper 🙂


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