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Planning out a Maui Snorkel Expedition

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Posted on: July 31, 2017

If you plan on being in Hawaii for your vacation, you will want to be sure to include a Maui snorkel expedition in your agenda. Here are a few tips to help you plan an ideal Maui snorkel experience.

You will find that there are several great places to snorkel on Maui. If you are traveling alone, you may want to set up your Maui snorkel date through one of the local services that plan such events. The reason is that snorkeling alone is discouraged, mainly as a safety precaution. The service can team you with another enthusiast, so you have the chance to make a new friend as well as try a new sport.

Depending on several factors, you will have the chance to conduct your Maui snorkel activity at several different sites. Keep in mind that you will be led to areas of the beach that are sandy, and you should enter and exit from that vantage point. If you are part of a group, you will want to pay attention to everything the group leader tells you to do, which will include observing the waves, paying attention to the way the water breaks on any nearby rocks, and being sensitive to changes in the current.

Make sure you take some heavy sunscreen. Maui snorkel expeditions will take place during the heat of the day, as snorkeling is not considered a good idea when the sun is going down. Some guides may also recommend you bring along a swim cap and a tee shirt that you can slip into as well.

A Maui snorkel activity can be a lot of fun, if you make sure you do it with a group and pay attention to the rules. Check with your hotel concierge for information about reputable snorkeling guides in the area.

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