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What You Need for Snorkel Gear

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Posted on: July 31, 2017

Having booked a holiday in Hawaii you and your friends are ready for the adventure of a lifetime. You want to swim the waters off the islands and see everything there is to see. The only problem is you have no snorkel gear and you have no idea what to buy or how to safely enjoy this underwater sport. The first thing to do is to research and learn everything you can before you board that plane. Check the internet. There will be websites that can offer you some basic ideas of what you are getting into.
If you are a beginner then the smartest thing that you can do is book your first snorkeling adventure with a reputable tour firm. They will be able to help you to understand what you are doing and how to do it safely. Many of these tours will include a free snorkel lesson which they will give you using their snorkel gear. At this point if you can avoid it do not buy your own snorkel gear for this trip. After all, what if you really hate the experience? Depending on where your tour goes you have the opportunity to swim with over two hundred species of fish. Other areas will let you see various types of turtles as well.

The three pieces of snorkel gear you will require are the mask, snorkel and fins. Make sure they fit properly. The mask will come in either a one, two or three window style. One window means it is an uncut mask going straight across your face. A two window is more like a pair of glasses with two separate lenses. A three window mask includes side pieces for a panoramic view. If you are a person who loves to snorkel and you do it often enough to buy your own snorkel gear you can look into your mask being made to your glasses prescription.

Fins must be tried on to ensure a good fit. Usually for a man the size is one size smaller than what their shoe size is. For a woman it is more commonly two sizes smaller. But do not go on guesses make sure it fits snugly. You do not want to be swimming around and watch your fins float by because they were too big.

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