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Full Face Snorkel Mask Review

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Posted on: July 31, 2017
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Hey cruisers we are finally getting around to our review of this crazy-looking thing the snorkeling gear full face snorkel mask. we’ve had this thing for quite a while now but we really wanted to give it a few good tests before telling you about it so we took it out our last cruise with the intention of testing it out and doing the review right there on the beautiful Cabo San Lucas beach and here’s how that went we’ve been waiting for the right opportunity to try out our new snorkeling gear full dry snorkeling mask 180 degree vision anti fog free breathing these things look totally ridiculous when you put them on, but for research purposes I’m going to show you right here in Cabo San Lucas how this is done and we’re going to see how we like this product.

Let’s check it out so the assembly is pretty simple on this thing really take this portion and pop it into place alright guess that’s it and then you put it on your head and give it a go I’m a little creeped out by the idea of breathing through this, but we’re going to give it a try. Alright ready? That is the most relaxing, peaceful thing ever! As you can see it seemed to work really well but we didn’t feel like that was enough of a test so we took it to our local YMCA and basically spent the whole day testing it out I’ll tell you more about that in a minute but first let’s talk about the pros and cons and why you might want this as a cruiser if you plan to take a warm weather cruise and you like to start off there’s a lot to like about a full-face snorkeling mask here are a few of the pros unlike a regular snorkel mask combo it allows you to breathe through your nose and your mouth when you’re snorkeling when you’re resurfacing there’s no need to expel water by holding water through the snorkel because no water it gets inside of it in our experience it does not fog up and we didn’t even try to use this little defogger stuff that it comes with also it has a great field of view as you can see there’s just more plastic there is a really know continual fussing to attach a snorkel to mask, you know how you have to do that on the side you just attach the top piece to the mask piece and voila there is nothing to put your mouth on and no need to rent a snorkel that’s been in who knows how many other mouths (shutter) okay how about the cons well it takes up a lot of space in my suitcase but no more I guess than a regular snorkel and mask combo big big con you can’t talk with it the design totally blocks the sound you guys and yeah it just looks wacky.

You also need to remain relaxed and calm when you’re snorkeling with this some people report that if you breathe a little bit too heavily while you’re snorkeling the ball gets lodged in the snorkel piece and it makes it difficult to breathe so also it can be a little bit cumbersome to put on and it can be hard to tighten the straps yourself all things that can be overcome lastly you just can’t use it to free dive this is the biggest complaint that we hear on YouTube and about people that have tried to use it you just can’t equalize when you dive so let’s quickly address this equalization thing the problem is you can’t do the standard nose pinch thing we looked into this and even got the skinny from a company that makes these of course you could try other methods for equalization. some say that a yawning type action works for them while others say moving their jaw in a left-to-right motion fashion whatever worked, but here is the industry response these just aren’t made for free diving they’re meant for near surface snorkelling so there you go.

If you like to free dive and equalize with a nose pinch this probably isn’t for you so let’s get back to our testing at the local pool. Alright, it’s really important that you loosen the straps up quite a bit because you won’t be able to get it on your head if you don’t. So I have it all the way loosened up and I’m going to try to put it on with one hand and show you Okay, here we go – ready? This is not going to be pretty. So the difference today with it is that I felt like I could actually breathe in my mouth whereas when we were in Cabo I felt like my mouth was being pressed shut. But this time I could breathe through my mouth or my nose, and it was way more relaxing here.

In the pool. So that is a good thing. I was worried was like pressing my jaw shut before I would give that a thumbs up and so far no fogging no fogging! The bottom line here is it worked terrific I had no fogging whatsoever no problems breathing and no leaking we also let one of my son’s friends test it out too and she loved it she used it for quite a while and has convinced her mom that she needs one too. Now to be fair we were a bit worried about buying this in the beginning because we’ve seen a few reviews in which people complained about feeling like they just couldn’t breathe that doesn’t sound good and fogging issues we did not have those problems in the circumstances that we used the mask perhaps there are some problems inherent to other brands or styles I don’t know what is but for us it was a win as we got this on Amazon lightning deal for around $40 but normally they run about fifty to eighty dollars we will put a link in the description and you can check it out for yourself if it interests you now be sure to carefully read the instructions you guys when it comes to choosing the correct size for your face they give you really good detail instructions on how to do that on Amazon when you buy it and always thank you so much for watching all of your kind comments and thumbs up means so much to us until next time get in gear and get cruising and don’t forget to follow us on social media because on Facebook we will post Lightning Deals when these bad boys come up! first mate of the week

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