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Choosing Your Snorkel Equipment

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Posted on: July 31, 2017

Your snorkel equipment should be picked out based on the fit not on the price or color. When you are first buying the pieces you need not worry about buying top of the line pieces but you do not want to learn with junk either. If you are taking lessons more often than not the instructors will tell you to buy your own snorkel equipment. This can be good because you will know that you will always be learning wearing the same mask, snorkel and fins each time.

To determine if the mask will fit your face try it on with the strap hanging. You donít want it used to hold the mask on. Now breathe in. If the mask is a proper fit and it makes a good seal then it will stay on your face once you have inhaled. If it doesnít try on another until this action works properly. Deciding if you want your mask to have one, two or three windows, or lenses, is personal preference. You may not be able to determine which one is better until you have experienced snorkeling a few times. For this piece of snorkel equipment you can expect to spend fifteen to thirty dollars,
The snorkel should feel comfortable when you put it in your mouth. This said it will also feel strange to have a foreign apparatus in your mouth. Make sure it attaches properly to the mask you have chosen. These two pieces of snorkel equipment depend on each other. A reasonable snorkel should cost anywhere from ten to thirty dollars.

The last piece of snorkel equipment you need are the fins. Many people believe that of the three pieces this is the one you should spend more money on. Cheaper fins tend to be hard plastic that donít move as easily. The more expensive ones will be more flexible making your swimming easier. It will also tend to tire you less. Depending on your budget considerations, and how strong you think your legs are, these can cost anywhere from twenty to two hundred dollars.

Some pieces will be more expensive to purchase depending on the stores you buy from and what you are looking for. You can save money when buying your snorkel equipment by buying them in sets. Remember you want your equipment to be a good fit and high quality. Designer goods are not going to make them work better.

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